Mosto de Lagrima


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Over 700 years of enriched culture and taste, provides this 100% Organic free-run grape juice with a uniquely rich and sophisticated flavor. The highest quality juice, that flows freely from fresh grapes crushed by the natural pressure of the grapes on top. It is a blend of grenache and tempranillo varietals. It is bottled in the winery within 24 hours after harvest, keeping intact all the properties of the grape.

Vega del Castillo winery was established in 1910, when the first Spanish wine cooperative was founded in Olite. Teobaldo I, Count of Champagne, planted his first vines in Olite 700 years ago, after having discovered the richness of the land and its favorable conditions. Thus, starting a tradition of excellent cultivation of grapes in Navarra. King Charles III strengthened the wine culture even further settling his court in the 15th century at the Castle of Olite.
Our signature Mosto can be the perfect gift or compliment any meal. Perfect for all Occasions.


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