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About vegetarians, their diets and the vegetarianism lifestyle

We are aware that when we decide to change our lifestyle and whether we are influenced by social, family or a conviction, we are entering in a plane where we might be discriminated, criticized, or admired, experiencing an endless social pressure that can create confusion.

The best answer for all the dilemma is to learn to listen to our body, a powerful machine designed to live in harmony, in a way that the results will be reflected in it.

Surely more than once you heard someone was a vegetarian. But, what does that imply? Is it the same as being a vegan (See our post What it is to be vegan onĀ ).

The truth is that no. There are differences between both types of diet. Likewise, among vegetarians you can also find some of them.

The word vegetarian was first heard in 1842 in the British Vegetarian Association and its meaning is “full, healthy, fresh and lively.” Those who practice it say that it is not only a fruit and vegetable-based diet, but choosing a lifestyle often accompanied by behaviors, activities, and ways of seeing life. All of them out of health driving force, respect for animal life, and sustainability concerns. Continue reading Vegetarians