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What it is to be vegan

Vegan, vegetarian and veganism

Veganism refers to the practice of refraining from the use and consumption of animal products, no matter the form.

Vegans eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, grains and beans. Vegan meals contain no cholesterol and are usually rich in fiber.

Veganism is classified by categories:

  • The dietary vegans:
    • Out of health motivation
  • The ethical vegans:
    • Out of respect for animal life
  • The environmental veganism:
    • Based on the premise that the capture or industrial animal husbandry as well as being detrimental to the environment is unsustainable

Veganism is a complex issue for many, perhaps for lack of knowledge about it.

Its purpose is to achieve a complete welfare for the human: physical, mental, spiritual, and social. An issue that covers everything around us including animal protection. Continue reading What it is to be vegan